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Freddie still refuses to eat whole meal worms, so tonight I squeezed the wormy goodness onto a plastic spoon so he wouldn't have any crunchy bits to worry about. Then I folded a piece of coth around him so he couldn't move and dipped his nose into the mush. He had to lick his face to clean it, and that made more slide down the spoon into his face, so he had to lick more. I estimate he ate the guts of 7 worms; not bad, but it would be better if he ate the cruchny bits too.

At one point he took in a long bit of worm intestine. He paused, flicked his head, and resumed eating. The guts landed on the end of my nose. Since I had a bat in one hand and a spoon in the other I had to wait until he'd finished and was put away before I could remove it.

Little bastard did it on purpose.
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