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The two little ducks are much larger and have been moved to the day cage outside. That cage has a grass floor and shallow water dish for them to bath and sunbake as required because their down is not yet fully waterproof and they get drenched. The UV will do them good, too. They still don't have feathers which means I have to bring them in at night and supply them with a 40W light bulb for heating. They are really wild and panic when anyone goes near, so release will be easy.

Blue Tongue Lizard

He had no injuries so I let him go in the garden. My mix of I Can't Believe It's Not Molluscs is vanishing every day and it's not mice eating it. I had to stop putting bananas into the mix because I can't afford to buy them at the moment.


Her wire frame and super glue supports are rock-hard; there is no movement along the crack in her shell. When her nutral-cure sillicone is fully dry I'll re-introduce her to water so she can eat. Snake-neck tortoises don't have tongues and require their heads to be underwater so they can eat. Next Week she'll get wet and wild, with shredded greens.


Bat is being difficult. He refuses to eat all the meal worms, which means I have to squeeze the creamy wormy goodness out of the bodies and smear it on his face, forcing him to lick himself clean. Enough goes in to keep him alive but he's still thin. I hope soon he'll get a taste for the worms and eat the whole lot. When that happens I can get him to self-feed from a dish and move him into a bat-tent. Right now he's still in the rescue bag.
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