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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Devil Duckies

A pair of pacific black ducks I rescued on the way home from work. They were walking beside a busy road, with mum and dad nowhere to be seen. There were three but, as I said, it was a busy road. The dish is about 2" across and holds a mushy mix of warm Weet Bix and finely chopped lettuce. The Weet Bix isn't great food but it gives them something to chew on until I can make up some proper food.

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handsome juvenile plumage they've got. and those black feet - they could almost go on Cute Overload! (especially since Cute Overload is currently specializing in Australian animals, as a tribute to Steve Irwin).

Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thank you for being a friend to duckies, too. They're beautiful. :)

"I hear Den Whitton drives this road... now that Mum and Dad are gone, if we walk along here, Den is sure to find us and take good care of us."

They look like they are sharing a birthday cupcake or something! Very cute, good of you to save them from following the fate of their sibling.

The dish is a mini cupcake dish, about 1/2 the size of a normal cupcake.

Thank you for getting the duckies. :) Don't forget baaaaabyanimals. ;)

It's nearly puggle season, no?

Look at those cute l'il feet!!!!
Waddle and Dob, esquires, invite you to join them in consumption
of WheetBix Mix:D.

They are cute.. have they imprinted on you following you all over the place? I think they are too old for that, but I dont know much about ducks.

They are quite wild and bite* if I try to handle them. They're in a closed box with a 40w bulb so they don't see anyone, and feeding is done by placing the dish on the ground and "pecking" at it with my peewee food poking chopstick. I'm trying to find a carer with a duck to throw them under. Even a domestic duck will do.

*duckling bites are more like rapid nibbles.

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