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Simex 06

The show is a bit slow, but it should pick up tomorrow. The first day is always dead at these things. We made come contacts, met some suppliers, and discovered no one else at the show is selling the gear we sell. Which is nice.

I took one phone call from a customer, who told me there was a problem installing the machine they bought last month.

Him: We need to submit a Development Application to the council.
Me: Which council?
Him: Kempsey shire council.
Me: Erm... but you're the procurement office for Kempsey Shire!
Him: Yes.
Me: Kempsey shire council has to apply for a DA from Kempsey Shire Council?
Him: yes.
Me: ...
Me: Will they deny it?
Him: They bloody well better not or I'll walk up stairs and kick his arse.

All problems can be solved with a kick in the arse.

As I walked past a stand, a bunch of display units began beeping. I looked at the name board and saw they sold gas detection systems. "Anything I should be worried about?" I asked.

"Nah," said the bloke. "Sombody over there must have farted." He pointed in the direction of the stands the A/C was blowing across.

The show is disappointing in that there are no toys. Manitou have some nice forkifts to lust after, but the largest crane on display is a blousy 50 tonner. Even the largest front-end loader only has wheels with a 2m diametre. I was hoping to see some of the big Leibherrs. At least they supply nice free coffee for exhibiters.

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