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Bats- Bek and her Coach

Coach is self-feeding now. All I have to do is place a pile of lightly killed worms on the floor of her tent, and they're gone the next morning. Coach is looking quite fat.

Bek is still eating squeezed worm guts and I've been adding little pieces of Cruncy Bits in to get her used to eating the whole worm. She's been eating them but she complains a bit.

Until today they have been in neighbouring tents with the windows facing together so the bats can hear and smell each other. Today I put Coach in with Bek. The little bat (if a 6 gram bat can be called The Big Bat) became excited and began following Coach around the tent, and even tried to snuggle underneath but Coach became pissed off and nipped Bek.

Bek has kept her distance ever since and still prefers to climb on my hands, possibly becuase I feed her and don't nip her. Right now Bek is in the hanging cloth while Coach is hanging from the roof.

Last night I could hear Coach flapping from one side of the tent to the other. I hope Bek gets the idea to do that as well as eating whole worms. I've fixed the holes in the flight cage, and will put Bek and Coach inside when I'm confident they tolerate each other.

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