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Shingleback Lizard rescue

Last night I rescued a shingleback lizard. He was moved from a yard because the people were worried the neighbourhood dogs would harm him. I took the lizard to the zoovets for a checkup, and let him go on the edge of town.

Shingleback Lizard

They're also called bog-eye lizards, two-headed lizards (their tails mimic the heads), pineapple lizards, and walking turds.

Shingleback Lizard

He was found by one of the kids, who trod on him in the long grass.

Shingleback Lizard

Crikey! He's a bit stroppy!

I took him out to the zoovets for an xray. While I was there the nurse skipped into the room and said happily "Hey guess what? We have to do the koalas again!" Dr Jodie groaned loudly and Dr Timm sank forward until his head was on the xray plate.

"Oh GOD!" he moaned.

"What's wrong with cute, cuddly koalas?" I asked.

"You don't think they're cute or cuddly when you have to harass them every week," said Timm.

Shingleback Lizard

I want the doctor, to take your picture...

No broken bones, clean bill of health. Back onto the bush for you.
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