Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Grumpy Kookaburra

I took Grumpy out to his new temporary home today. He was bitey as I caught him and shoved him in the box, and he was making cranky noises as we drove out to H's aviary. H let him go in the 3m x 3m aviary, and he immediately flew up into the far corner and glared at us. I think a week of R&R and he can be released.

I got to play with Goobang, a tiny, furless eastern grey kangaroo. He weighs <1kg. I also met Scotty again, but now he weighs nearly 30kg. The sun gives him problems so H & R rub factor 30 sunscreen on his ears during the summer. Poor Scotty can't be released or he'll be looking at death by skin cancer.

hedgegoth, I got rid of the bird just in time. The neighbours bought some cockatiels yesterday.
Tags: kookaburra, rescues

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