Den (dewhitton) wrote,

C is for Coach, and I've lost my flight wings.

Yesterday I was called to a clothing shop to rescue the people there from a vespedelia vulturns - little forest bat.

At first I was hoping it was Ace, but unlike the Discworld million-to-one chances don't happen 9 times out of 10. They are million-to one, and this one wasn't the one.

It was a female, however, which is good because they're a little more tolerant of other bats than the males are.

Technically, I should release her tonight since there's nothing wrong with her at all. But Bek needs a coach to teach her what those flappy things on her arms are for, and how to use them to catch food.

Coach came along just in time; I didn't feel like wearing a cape and leaping from the roof. I'll put her in the flight cage as soon as I mend the hole Ace escaped through.

I have been demoted to food server again. I don't mind.

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