Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Story Time

The frombel joined the end of the long line of creatures, and sighed. He looked again at the script and decided his best chance of ever getting into this production would be a walk-on part on page 12 or 13. He sighed again, and wondered if he should just go home. A furute in front of him turned and smiled.

"You here for the shoot?" she asked.

Frombel stared at her. "Um. Yeah. I-- uh-- I'm going for a minor role. A walk through."

Furute nodded. "You're after a place on page 12, too? I'm hoping for somewhere here." She pointed at a place on her script.

"You know, I think you might be better suited to somewhere up the top of page 13," said the frombel. He pointed. "Up here."

"What? No way! You can't see anything up there!"

"I know, but--" Frombel scratched the back of his neck and wondered how to say what he had to say. "I don't think you're the right... shape."

Furute glared at the frombel. "Oh yeah? What about him?" She poined at a winged creature flying overhead. It had one eye and, apart from the wings, no other appendages. "And that one looks like an elephant with no trunk. And she looks like a rabbit with no arms!" she growled, pointing at each of the creatures in turn.

"Yeah, but..." Frombel reluctantly pointed at the furute's chest. "It's just that..."

Furute looked down at her chest. "There's something in my fur."

"No. It's your... your..." Frombel sighed. "Boob."


"You have one giant boob. It's... You know. Exposed. I don't think this is the right production for you."

"Are you shitting me?" fumed the furute.

At that moment the door to the director's office opened. "Okay! Would everybody who wants to be in Dr Seuss' book 'One Fish Two Fish' please file in one at a time and we'll start auditions" said the assisstant.

"Good luck," said the frombel.

"Piss off," grumbled the furute.

(They both got into the book. Page 13. Right up the top.)
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