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The concussed kookaburra was bouncing off the cage walls this morning, so I locked us in my room and let him go. He took off immediately, bouncing off walls and wardrobes while I tried to catch him. 15 minutes later I shoved him in the cage, and both of us lay on the floor, panting. 30 minutes ago I took him back to the panelbeaters where he'd been found, and was surprised to see the panel beater still working. He was really happy to see the kookaburra again. When he caught the bird it was dozey and quiet. Now, it bit and snapped at fingers.

I opened my hands. The bird sat there for a moment, then flew straight up to the gumtree in the yard. He looked down at us. "That bird's got a grudge," said the panel beater.

I told him I expected that, and described what I had to go through to force-feed the bird. Kookaburras never eat from a dish.

At that moment a willie-wagtail arrived to chitter madly and expand his eyebrows at the kookaburra, which stopped him glaring at us. Kookaburras may be kingfishers, but for small birds they're as big a predator as crows and butcher birds.

So there you go. Another success, but I think I lost favour points with the Peewees.
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