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Bloody Telstra

Telstra has started Wireless Broadband in town. HOORAY! sort of.

Go Here, and enable pop-ups.

Click on the Modem radio button under Wireless, and enter "Davidson" as a street name, select Drive under drive type, and enter 2830 into postcode. click on Check Coverage.

That's the street I live on.

A map will pop up. Click on "Switch to modem coverage," then zoom out a little. You will see the green patch that indicates wirelss broadband entirely FAILS to reach as far as where I live.

In fact, the green patch you're looking at almost exactly covers the area in town that can get ADSL. Telstra, in their wisdom, have offered Wireless Broadband only to those places that can already get ADSL. If you can't get ADSL then you're fucked, because you also can't get wireless. I spent $110 on my satellite connection last month. That usual for me. I pay over $1200 per year for my shitty satellite connection.

I wish Snoopa would get back to me. Sheesh.
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