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Flying Foxes

There are at least 5000 bats in the colony by the river. They're roosting in the trees between the LH Ford Bridge and Sandy Beach/Sir Roden Cutler Park. The river walk goes under the trees along the river bank, so I could get right up close to the bats and take some photos with my 600mm lens. I hope they come out.

People with dogs walked underneath the colony and talked in soft voices, so the bats were happy to hang about and groom themselves and feeling quite safe from the people. They asked me questions - I had a camera on a tripod so I must be an expert - and one lady commented that I must have heard that guy on the radio yesterday. "Er, yeah. Well actually..." I got embarrassed and admitted that I was the guy on the radio. We talked for a long while about animal rescues and bats, then they wandered off.

I would have stayed there longer but a loud lady with yappy dogs came by. By the time she reached the LH Ford bridge the entire colony was stirred up and flying along the river. I packed up and came home.

Today was a bit grey and misty. I'll go back tomorrow if it's sunny for better photos.
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