Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Let the Darwinism commence.

I received a call on the rescue line today from a lady in Parkes. Her son had brought home a baby snake. I asked her to describe it to me, and she said it was 12" long, almost white on the stomach, pale brown on top and had a dark brown head with orange markings.

"Where is it?" I asked.

"My son is playing with it in the kitchen."

"It's a baby eastern brown snake."

"Oh! They grow up to be poisonous, don't they!"

I almost told her that of the world's 14 most poisonous snakes, it's number 14. Instead, I said "They're venomous when they hatch. You're lucky the mouth and fangs are too small to bite a finger, or you'd be up in the hospital now."


"Your son would be getting antivenein there."

I heard her put the phone down then scream out "DAVID PUT THAT BLOODY THING DOWN NOW!" She came back and asked me what to do. What I wanted to say was the eastern brown snake makes an excellent pet and enjoys being cuddled. I told her to take it to the edge of town and let it go. I had to.
Tags: rescues, slice of life

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