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Blue Tongue Lizard

I heard a car pull up out the front, and opened the door to see who it was. As it turned out it was simply the neighbours across the road. As I stood idly watching them, something on the screen door caught my attention. I brought the focus of my attention and eyes to a point not more than 6" from my nose. There, clinging to the fly-wire screen at my eye level, was a baby blue tongue lizard. I caught him.

"You silly bugger," I said. "You should be out the back! I have a fresh plate of I Can't Believe It's Not Molluscs out there." The lizard hissed and poked his tongue out, and gave me a dirty look.

I carried the little fellow out to his dish, and was astounded to see it was already occupied by a baby blue tongue lizard. The lizard did his threat display at me, hissing and opening his mouth wide to poke his tongue out. He realized this wasn't working (my laughter might have given him that impression) so he scooted for the old mouse hole. I looked at the lizard in my hand, who hissed and poked his tongue out, and continued to give me a dirty look. I placed him on the ICBINM but he scuttled into the pile of leaves behind the shed.

Looks like I have to set out another dish. We can't have the kids fighting.
Tags: lizards, rescues

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