Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Den The Bastard

"Look at me! Look at me!" shouted Faith, aged 4, as she jumped and twirled in the middle of the computer room. "Look at me!" she shouted even louder. I looked at her. She'd dug and old dress from mum's closet and put it on, along with a plastic tiara. "I'm a princess!"

"Ah-huh. Which princess?"


"Red Riding Hood? Cindarella?" I suggested.

"YES!" She bounced up and down. "Cindarella!"

"You look like an ugly step-sister," I said.

Faith became still and glared at me. "NO! I'm Cindarella."

"Ugly step-sister."

"NO!" she shrieked.

"Oh all right," I said. "You're not an ugly step sister." Faith crossed her arms and pouted at me. "You're the wicked step-mother."

"MUUUUUUUUUUUM!" she yelled as she ran from the room. I could hear her in the lounge room where everyone else was. "Dennis is being MEAN!"

Yeah, I'm mean, and I am now in a quiet computer room. Chances of being disturbed by small children are now greatly reduced.

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