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Peewee's Big Adventure

The last peewee in care was bouncing off the walls of his cage. "He's ready to go," I thought, so I opened the cage door and stood back. Peewee bounced off the cage wires a few times, then leapt at the door and tumbled onto the table. I think he was expecting the bars to stop him, because he looked back at the cage in confusion. It was very much a WTF moment for the little bird. He walked into the cage, then out. Then in and out some more before flying off. He flew around the sycamore a few times and landed somewhere in the depths of the tree.

I expected him to hang around for supplementary feeding. They all do for a while, as oceansedge and james_b saw when they were greeted by hungry hungry peewees. "I'm hungry! It's scary! I'm hungry! World's too big! I'm hungry!" but eventually they stop coming back. Hours passed today and no sign of the peewee. I wondered if he was in the front yard and went out to look. I took with me my trusty Peewee Food Poking Stick, a plastic chopstick, and stood in the middle of the yard. No peewees in sight, but way up the road I heard a young one call out. About two blocks away was a tiny black & white form flying as fast as he could toward me, screaming for food. He zoomed around my head and followed me round the back. He saw the open cage, zoomed inside and began begging. "I'm hungry! It's scary! I'm hungry! World's too big! I'm hungry!" I shut the door.

Okay, so he's not quite ready but the experience will help him later. I'll try again tomorrow.

When he's gone I will be without bird or animal in care for the first time in 6 months.

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