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Microsoft Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time/Summer Time this year has been extended a week in the eastern states that do that sort of thing, so that we can all watch the Commonwealth Games at the same time. The trouble is no one has told Windows this and computers all over the South East will dutifully put the clocks back one hour, making everyone an hour late. Never Fear! Microsoft to the rescue! They have issued a patch to correct this problem. All Windows users in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania should patch their systems, or follow the official Microsoft advice "Do not create appointments during the overlap period until after the operating system time zone has been updated."

But don't forget: after April 2 you have to unapply the patch so your system clock will automatically update to the correct time.

Since I'm a bit techy and not afraid of doing things myself, I'll be double-clicking on the clock at the bottom right of the screen and manually advancing the time. I feel confident that I can do this without help, or at least without too much help, and I'm sure there won't be too many problems. james_b and makovette, if something does go wrong can I call?

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