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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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New Peewee

The new peewee is almost old enough to release, except the lady has had him since mid-December and he has been inside all that time. She held him to give him food, and kept him in a canary cage.

I have to get him used to feeding from a stick, and teach him how to forage in the grass. I have him in the large cage next to the two young ones. I hope they'll show him how the feeding thing works. Two of the adults I released in November are still coming back for food, and I hope they will teach the three youngsters what peeweeing looks like.

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So you mean they are coming back to Dad's to scam a dinner? :)

oh yeah! Two of them hang around the back door on the off chance that someone might walk out with food.

At least they dont bring you their laundry to do... :)

They're just casing the joint to see if it will make a good headquaters;)!

Oh, they did that Aaaages ago!

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