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I've ordered some Biolact for Spook. It's a better quality I Can't Believe It's Not Echidna Milk formulated specially for puggles, and much better than the Divetalact mix I've been making. It's a bit expensive at $25/kg, but 1kg will last Spook a couple of months. It'll keep him healthy and possibly happier, but it's hard to tell with echidnas. If they purred or barked to express their feelings you'd know how they're feeling, but the only thing I get from Spook is a sticky tongue, a sigh and poo.

I bet echidnas do bark, or even trumpet like elephants, but they only do that when they know no one is watching. I wonder if the stories of bunyips and yowies came about because people heard the distant trumpeting of a herd of echidnas and didn't know what it was.

"What's that noise?"
"Just some echidnas, trumpeting away."
"Are they playing 'Oh When The Saints Come Marching In'? They're very good"
"Wait until the Wombat barbershop quartet join in."
"Ah! The sounds of the Bush!"
"The kangaroos always spoil it by playing Keith Urban."

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