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So very very ill.

The last two days I have not known which end to sick in the toilet. It started Thurday evening with dizzyness lack of appetite and a bad case of the Sprints, which is like the runs only you have to get to the toilet faster. I had about 10 seconds between "I think I have to..." and "Oh bugger." Thursday night I couldn't get warm, and between the staggering to the toilet and the wrapping in a doona I had wierd fever dreams obout Fry from Futurama when he visited the Slurm factory.

Yesterday was a dead loss. I spent it asleep or sitting on the toilet with my head in a bucket. Once again I couldn't get warm and spent the day wrapped in the doona while the temperature outside climbed to 39*C. This morning is an improvement but I spent it laying on the lounge, dozing. I don't feel sick but I still feel dizzy. That might be due to the lack of food. I've eaten a small piece of fish, one weetbix and one slice of toast and vegemite since Thursday.

Thank heavens for tea, is all I can say.

So, this week's Bugs will be delayed until tomorrow.

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