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Dunstable, London

Yesterday was a Factory day. It was also bloody cold. The day started at 0*C and by 12pm had climbed to 2.5*C. Then it got foggy and we parked on the M1 for 20 minutes. We saw vehicle washers in action at a flour mill, where there was much water sprayed and foam applied. In between vehicles we sat in cars, stood in front of fires or hugged 45KW motors to get warm. Dinner was had at The Chalk Hill. Adnams Bitter and Bass Hobgoblin Bitter are yummy ales.

Today at 10am Steve & Sheena took us to St Neot's station and we all caught a train into London to see the Tower (change at Kings Cross for the Northern Line, then at Bank take the Circle line to Tower Hill. Mornington Cresent! I WIN!*) The day started cold and foggy, but by the time we reached London it had warmed up to 8*C and was sunny. Since my last trip here someone put a dirty great ice rink in the Tower moat. We rushed though the towers and yet it took us 4 hours. Aaron and Sheena said Wow and Whoa a lot at the Crown Jewells (I'm not so fond of Gold, myself, but gem stones... OOH SHINEY! SPARKLY! BIG!)

Then it was into the White Tower to look at Aaron's favourite: arms and armaments. He was disappointed when I told him the 25 pounder bronze cannon would be confiscated by customs at Sydney. And so would the pistols. And the maces. The swords were definite confiscation material. And don't even look at the knives.

After a quick lunch we walked into the Tower Bridge, caught a lift up to the walkway between the towers and had a good look at the old town which is rapidly becoming a new, shiney town. From there we caught a lift in the other tower down to the engine room to look at the old steam engines and hydraulic motors that used to raise the bridge for ships. mmmmm steam engines! Brass!

By now it was 4pm and quite dark, so we caught a tube from London Bridge and ended up somehow in Trafalgar Square, where we had Pizza. It was ok, but I've been spoiled by Firenze pizze. From there we walked down The Strand to Fleet Street, thereby collecting all the red properties and could start building houses and hotels. We ended up at St Pauls but it was shut. Sheena went into St Arbucks to buy a mug and we headed back to Kings Cross.

I think it is time for bed. But first, some photos by Steve.

The Tower

Tower Bridge


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