Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Florence, Food, Fog

Yesterday was mostly spent at the factory, then Bruno took us to lunch. "Do you like pasta?" he asked. I had fresh tortilini with melted butter and sage, while Aaron went for a pizza. I suppose you can't expect minions to appreciate good food, but the pizza did look nice.

Here in Tuscany they do an oil that is beyond extra extra virgin olive oil. It's cloudy, or turbid according to Bruno, and doesn't keep more than six months. To go with my tortilini I had Tuscan bread covered in this olive oil and salt, and beans covered in olive oil, salt and pepper. It was all washed down with a new chianti. Apparently for breakfast the locals toast thick slabs of bread, rub garlic all over it then cover it with olive oil. It sounds very yummy but not for breakfast. We finished off with an espresso. It came in a cup 2" deep and 1.5" wide, and was 1/2 full of a mouth-numbingly strong black syrup. Now THAT's coffee.

Today was spent wandering around the old town. We walked to the top of the bell tower of the Duomo, then into (and under) the Duomo, marvelled at the dome built around 1300ish, found the fake statue of David that replaced Michaelangelo's original when it was moved into a museum, and wandered around a Medici palace. Aaron declared he needed a cheeseburger for lunch, but we couldn't find a Maccas or KFC anywhere. He had to settle for a chickenburger at an Irish Pub. Soccer was on the tv: Australia vs Uraguay.

Chickenburger, 1/2 pint of beer, chips and a coffee: €10.00
Australia beating Uraguay

Later we crossed the Ponta Veccio with all the gold shops. Apparently there is more gold traded on that bridge than anywhere else in the world.

About then my ankle decided to remind me of the time I fell off the glacier in New Zealand and started to complain. We wandered slowly back to the hotel along the banks of the river.

Right now I'm trying to organize a TGV to Rome. The city is only 2 hours away by train, and we should be able to "do" some of the sights there in a day.

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