Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Spook drank another 10ml, with a further 5ml going onto him and me. His empty weight was 97g, but after a feed he weighed 102g.

You can see his skin is much darker now, and it's a little rough. The hairs and spines are starting to come through.

Feeding is done by holding Spook in my left hand and dribbling milk into the palm. He snuffles and slurps the milk, occasionally over-balancing in his eagerness and rolling onto his back. Female echidnas don't have nipples and simply exude milk from some bald patches, which the puggle snuffles and slurps up.

My left hand is an echidna boob.

I think I'll make that the title of my biography.
Tags: echidna, puggle, rescues, spook

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