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I called in at the local bottle shop on the way home to pick up a siz-pack of Bundy & Cola, and I noticed they were selling a new James Squire beer: Golden Ale. They also had a Little Creatures Pale Ale, so a grabbed a bottle of that and a six-pack of the Golden. I put the bundy and beer on the counter, the bloked scanned it and said "Twenty dollars."

He saw my look and said "Twenty for the Bundy."

"What about the beer?" I asked.

"We'er trying to get rid of that."

"How much?"

"Nothing. We're giving it away."

I fear I had a Homer moment, for a moment. I didn't want to appear greedy so I didn't go freezer diving.

The Golden Ale is very yummy. It's mildly fizzy, shightly hoppy and very drinkable. It is a Yummy Beer. I shall return tomorrow and buy another sixpack. Or three.

The Little Creature's Pale is a bit fizzy, a bit too hoppy and a little too tasteless. I'm glad I only got one bottle. A beer that costs nothing isn't free if you have a fridge-full you can't drink.

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