Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Over the last few days several columns of smoke have joined to form a giant blue haze on the southern horizon. The smoke is from fires in the Goobang National Park. As of tonight they have burned 200 square kilometres of forest. That's 49,500 acres.

The fire isn't under control.

These are a pair of shingleback lizards. Other names for these lizards are pineapple lizard, 2 headed lizard (for obvious reasons), bogeye, and, my favourite, mobile turds.

This bloke was found on the outskirts of town and relocated away from the houses.

This one was found in a strawberry patch. He was relocated to empty paddocks on the edge of town.

They are omnivores, eating slugs, snails and vegetation. They go berserk over strawberries. If you have a stawberry patch and a shingleback, you won't get strawberries.

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