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Dad decided we needed Subways for lunch, so we went to the local office and put our orders in. Sort of. Things went well until Dad had to make choices.

"White bun or wholemeal?" asked the attendent behind the counter.


"Wholemeal," I said.

"With corned beef," said dad.


"Um..." Dad stared at the salad bar for a moment. "Lettuce?"

The attendent added lettuce. "Any thing else?"

"Um..." Dad stared at the salad bar for a moment longer. "Um... tomato."

The attendent added tomato. "Any thing else?" Dad stared at the salad bar for an age, until the attendant decided to move things along. "What about sauces?"

"What do you have?"

"Tomato, BBQ, Mayonaise, sweet chillie and mustard."

"Look," said Dad at last, obviously fed up with the whole choice thing. "Just pile some shit on a bun and give it to me." Everyone in the shop fell silent. I went outside to wait.

On the way back to the office he was silent and giving off Grumpy Old Man vibes. "Bloody stupid shop," he said at last. "Next time, you're buying lunch."

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