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Bali, Part 2

Three bomb attacks in two tourist areas on the Indonesian resort island of Bali have killed at least 25 people - among them foreign nationals. BBC

Bombs exploded in three packed tourist restaurants on the Indonesian island of Bali today, killing at least 32 people [and injuring 101] SMH

More than 30 people were killed and more than 100 injured in two coordinated bomb attacks on beach-side restaurants in the fishing village of Jimbaran, and a third explosion in the Raja restaurant, 30km away in a busy shopping precinct in Kuta. The explosions came during the busy evening meal period at about 7.30 pm local time (2130 AEST). The Age

"But you can just make assumptions, and the assumption you would make is that the well-known terrorist groups in Indonesia, particularly Jemaah Islamiah, would be responsible." [Foreign Minister Downer.]

Once again the majority of the people killed and injured are Indonesians. Bastards.

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