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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Meat Pies
bloke genes
It's Official. Dubbo has the best pies in Australia

hopeforyou knows how good their sausage rolls are. Well... the meaty bits, anyway.

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Now I'll have to make a Chicken Pye once the weather cools down!

Which Pies won the competition? All it sez is who did. Silly judges:D.

They have a curry prawn pie?! That sounds like an adventure!

(It won a silver medal, I'm not complaining:D)

I bet they get a lot of giggly schoolboys over the Rump and Onion.

There are many reasons I love living in Sydney, but my inability to find anywhere that sells a decent pie makes me very, very sad ;)

*contemplates driving to Dubbo*

Ooooo you know I'm completely addicted to pies now...

Guess I'm gonna have to make another Dubbo stop, so I can have PIE!!

mmmm pie
And the Village Hot Bake is better than The Dish Cafe too.

Damned thing of it is.... I don't know that we're going to be driving to Sydney this time - it's getting a bit expensive the car rentals, so I'm thinking this time I may just book a cheap Qantas flight Sydney to Brisbane and back. And hope like heck I don't get bumped off my standby flight out of Vancouver.

Dubbo airport is having a major upgrade. there's a rumour that Jetstar and VirginBlue will be using it as an out-of-sydney hub.

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