Den (dewhitton) wrote,

the state of my finances.

They suck.

I earn $140 per fortnight doing part time work for dad's company.

Social Security pays me $350/fortnight, from which they deduct $70 because I earned the $140.

That brings my total monthly income up to $840, from which $330 is spent paying off my car.

That leaves $510 per month to live on, or $127.50 per week.

I had to move in with mum and dad to have a bed, eat, and keep an internet connection. Cable TV will be cut off in a few days so I will miss all the old Babylon 5 episodes running on TV1.

So when I say I can't afford to buy fancy software or a faster computer, I really mean I can't afford it. I wish I didn't have a fundamental objection to stealing software. I'd have 3DStudio Max or Lighwave, and all sorts of games. Don't talk to me about Warez or I'll get the shits.

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