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Rude words, , grumbling, more rude words ruder than the first ones.

My camera lens is buggered. My Canon EOS 35-80mm zoom in now a 55ish-70ish zoom, and when I look through the back glass I can see all the elements are skewed. It's been dropped, obviously, and I know which kid/s did it but I didn't see it happen so I can't do anything. I saw them replacing the camera back on the shelf, and when asked what they were doing they replied "Nothing" and doing that bloody innocent face thing that makes you bloody know they were not bloody well doing Nothing.

It'll cost $169 to replace the lens with a 28-80mm.

Their Mum has just bought a Tarago. It's time to tell those kids about Bus Bugs. It won't pay me $169 but I will get some satisfaction knowing those kids will be uncomfortable sitting in the van, expecting a bug to burrow through the aluminium floor and through the seat so it can bite them on the arse.

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