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Blood Tests

This morning I arrived early at the Pathology lab to have blood taken for my annual Rabies and Diabetes tests. The Sister did the usual tornquet/clench your fist/poke-poke-poke things into my right arm, found a vein eventually and jabbed the needle in. It stung a bit, as you would expect.

"You rotten thing" she muttered, and began playing Hunt The Vein With The Needle. "The vein has rolled away," she explained as she fished around inside my arm. After five minutes she asked if it hurt, and I nodded. "Right then! We'll try the other arm."

I rolled up my left sleeve and we did the tornequet thing again. Sister pushed in the needle, and began fishing around. "The darn thing was right there! The needle was right on top and it rolled away!" After another five minutes my arm was aching, so she stopped. "Let's try the back of your hand," she said.

A few minutes later, after the tornequet and clenching, the Sister pushed a very fine needle into the back of my hand. I watched in amazement as the very visible vein slid to one side as the needle came down from the top. "Bugger" said the Sister. She tried propping the vein from one side and poked at it with the needle. The bloody thing repeatedly moved over, under, and away from the needle. No blood flowed at all. Finally the sister sighed "Lets have a go at your right arm again."

Ten minutes she poked and prodded the spot near the first hole. 10 minutes! Finally she said "Okay! I have one!" Tornequet, clenching, needle in... No blood. She went poke, poke, fish fish with the needle in my arm until I groaned. It bloody ACHED. Finally she shook her head. "You'll have to come back." We arranged an appointment for 7am Monday.

Hopefully the vampire will be in residence then.

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