Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Angry people

Today I was crossing the road. I waited for a gap in the traffic, then walked quickly across the road. There was a car heading for me, as you would expect, but she had plenty of room and didn't have to slow down. I got to the other side and she screeched to a stop. I looked at her in surprise, and the fellow behind her screeched to a halt then blew his horn. She opened the driver's door, stood in the middle on the road and pointed across her car at me.

"Next time I'll fucking run over you, ya fucking pooftah!" she screamed. I looked around to see if I was standing near anyone she might know, but I was alone on the footpath.

The bloke blowing his horn wrenched on his wheel and gunned the engine to go around her. He dropped the passenger window and paused long enough to shout "Why don't you arseholes get a fucking room!"

The woman shouting at me gave him the finger and screamed "FUCK OFF!"

"Get out of the fucking way!" shouted the next driver, a woman. She also got the finger and a "fuck you" from the screaming madwoman.

By now the woman I offended by walking in front of her car was having slobbering fits. She slammed her door hard, really hard, and screamed at me and the people blowing their horns at her. Then she climbed into her car slammed the door again and screamed off, screeching to a halt at the stop sign 50m down the road before smoking the wheels around the intersection.

What has happened to everyone? Why are people so angry over really trivial things?

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