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This morning I noticed a pair of peewees following me around the back yard while I pottered about to see if the recent rains brought up a crop of mushrooms or lawn-dicks. The birds were full-grown, and had the black and white pattern of mature peewees. I wondered if they were two of the mob I raised last summer but they wouldn’t let me get close. They were quite wild, and yet not wild enough, and kept their distance instead of flying off.

I opened the lid of the meal worm bucket to throw in some bread, and suddenly I had a pair of peewees perching on the rim of the tub, looking very alert. I dug out some worms and the birds took them from my fingers. After scarfing down a dozen worms each the peewees went back to hunting for food in the grass.

It’s interesting that they’re still this quiet after being in the wild for 3 months. Maybe they were flying over the house this morning and somewhere in their little insane bird-brains they recognised this as a place of safety where food is easy to find and falcons get clobbered with tennis balls. The last time I saw the male he was a little thin and his feathers were tatty, but now he’s sleek and glossy and seems to be coping well in the wild.

Which is nice.

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