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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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When I say I want pepperoni on my pizza

you bloody well better put pepperoni on it.

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I wasn't sure what that was at first, but I didn't think it was pizza...

Dominos large pepperoni, cheese and pepperoni pizza

Eww, Dominoes o.o;;

I like Donatos or Papa Johns a lot better. Even better than that is LaRosas but that is only found in the MidWest. There used to be a place around here called GodFathers which had fucking incredible pizza. How they went under I can't imagine o.0

But best of all is a pizza joint in my home town called Shaddocks. Their pizza has really crispy crust and is cut into squares. They put the toppings UNDER the cheese because the cheese is needed just to hold all that stuff on the pizza. They *really* pile it on, the crust is only about 1'5th of an inch thick, but the pizza is aver and inch thick just from all the stuff cramemd on it It is the best pizza I can find *grins* Oh and the really interesting thing about it is that its even better cold than warm o.0 Figure that :P

Hey! It's Dubbo. I'm pretty limited for choice here. Dominos do the best pepperoni pizzas, Pizza Runners do the best Everything Meat pizza, and Eagle Boys to the best of everything else (including spicey chicken pizza.)

I don't do Pizza Haven or Pizza Hut.

I haven't tried a pizza from Turkish Pizzas, but that's on the list if I want one halal. They do brilliant kababs, though, including a nice falafal kabab with homus. mmmmm.

bugger. Now I'm hungry.

Is that like a full pound of pepperoni? :P

I've seen some revolting looking pizzas in my time, and that tops the lot...

You'll pay for that!!!

My bum felt like the map on bonanza.


now why doesnt THAT suprise me 8-)

Another pepperoni lover

but...but...but...you can still see cheese!!! Tell to take that sucker back and put some pepperoni on it!!!
btw...I always KNEW you were a man of good taste!

Re: Another pepperoni lover


In this town they don't understand how to treat "extra"

I've had to ask for a pepperoni, cheese and pepperoni with extra pepperoni, and then I had to explain.

Also, I thing the Aussie pepperoni might be milder than your Yank stuff.

That's a lot of 'roni.

But I make 10 pound pepperoni lasagnas :D!

Trust me, it really is good!

I have noticed that pepperoni quality on pizza has decreased in the last few years. They must be using a new kind of sulfite or something, because the taste isn't the same. Or maybe 'm losing in in my old age (late 30's) :D!

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