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Bat Matters

I have six bats in a box.

Actually, I have 7 bats. One is a lesser long-eared bat in one of the tents. The other 6 are freetailed bats found in some firewood. There are 5 females and a male. In the spring the male will do his thing then the females will kick him out.

They didn't like the tent so I put them in the release box. Ultimately the box will be screwed to a tree and the bats can come and go as they please. Right now it is leaning against a wall with the hole blocked up. The bats don't need feeding since they have settled in for some serious hibernating.

The bat in the tent is a fat little guts who eats everything I give her and hates me at the same time. I didn't know bats held grudges. I also didn't know they hated baths. Now I know.
Tags: bats, rescues

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