Den (dewhitton) wrote,


I just came across 2 spams that shit me a lot more than the usual.

One was on a web page. It looked like a blank, grey frame running up the left side of the screen. The frame had the standard windows minimize/maximize/close buttons on the top-right, so I clicked on the close icon.

Just as I clicked I noticed the stats bar flash up a url but I'd seen it too late. I clicked. The ad opened. I right-clicked/closed the window before anything showed. The blank frame was a fucking ad! Bastards

The next was an email. It had a Virus Alert heading, went on about the Goner worm, how the company put out a mail list and supplied a 'click to subscribe' link.

Then- then they said "On to other business..." and started on the usual 'Make $100000000/Second At Home And Be A Millionaire This Instant For Nothing' pyramid scamspam.

The rotten stinking mongrel bastard dogs.

Net advertising has taken a disturbing turn. It is actively itself as something it is not, and has resorted to subterfuge instead of user stupidity to get people in.

I haven't been so pissed off since the conservatives were voted in.

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