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On The Phone

Caller: I'm calling about the broadband survey you filled out.
Me: yes?
Caller: I was wondering if you were still interested in connecting to wireless broadband. A company wants to set up in Dubbo--
Me: well, when I filled out the survey last year I was interested in wireless broadband, but I have a satellite connection now.
Caller: Oh.
Me: I got it through the Telstra HiBis subsidy.
Caller: Oh. Uh... You're- But you're in Dubbo.
Me: Yes.
Caller: but you're in Dubbo.
Me: Yes.
Caller: But you're-- uh...
Me: about 3km from the exchange.
Caller: But-- But HiBis is for remote areas.
Me: Apparently I live in one.
Caller: In Dubbo?
Me: 3km from the exchange. Yes.
Caller: Um.
Me: And no ADSL.
Caller: Oh.
Me: See, if you'd set up your wireless system 4 months ago I'd be customer No.1. In fact I would have been beating your door down DEMANDING to be customer number 1. I would have been jumping up and down on your desk screaming at you to sign me up. If you tried to stop me I'd be hanging from the ceiling fans of your office, screaming "SIGN ME UP NOW YOU BASTARDS!" But now I'm locked into a contract with Telstra so I can't afford a second contract for broadband even if it is true broadband and not the jedi mind-trick ADSL broadband.
Caller: *long pause* Bugger
Me: yeah. Sorry.

He's sending me all their info anyway, but I can't afford to sign up. Bugger.

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