Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Aussie stuff.

Summer doesn't start until the steering wheel is too hot to touch.

The shorter the nickname, the more you like someone.

You best friend is a total bastard. Your worst enemy is a bit of a bastard.

No official opening is complete without a sausage sizzle (BBQ sausages inna bun)

When at the beach, Aussies protect their watches, money and wallets by stuffing them in their sandshoes - something no thief has been able to work out.

Christmas and News Year's Day are HOT and SUNNY.

If you go to a BBQ and don't make 3 trips to the car to bring stuff in, then you're not making an effort.

The dilemma that the esky is too small to hold food and beer can be solved by removing food until the beer fits.

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