Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Photo Day - dead things

Sub-adult king parrot. Compound fractures left wing and shoulder, necrosis. Euthanased.

Little Red Flying Fox. Barbed wire entanglement. All the bones in the tips of both wings were broken, membrane torn and the ligaments that give the trailing edge its shape were snapped. In his efforts to free himself, the bat chewed at the wire and damaged his mouth. His canines were broken, the palette was torn and a piece of his top lip had been torn off (visible in photo.) Euthanased.

These bats are highly strung and take badly to being caged. IF he survived the stress of being handled, he would have been in for 12 months rehab, and even then there is no garrentee that he would fly afterward. The damage to his mouth meant he couldn't be released anyway.

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