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Job Interview

Bloody hell I'm shaking. Just got back from the interview.

Associate Dean Rick met me at reception and took me through to "the Campus," which consisted of a small reception area and 2 offices. At the moment that is the entire University Of Sydney (Dubbo Campus) but some time in the future they'll have a department and students in Charles Sturt University, as well as a clinical teaching campus in the hospital.

There were five people on the interview panel: The Dean, 3 IT people from Sydney, and the IT bloke from CSU whose name is Stuart and is a mate of mine. He is in my resume as a referee. I was the only one wearing a tie. The chief of IT from UoS was in a t-shirt and shorts.

"Will having Stuart on the panel be a problem for you?" asked Sarah.

"No!" I said. I'd have to turn the bullshit generator down a lot, I thought to myself.

We went through a bunch of scenarios, like "My Computer Won't Start!" "Describe Your Worst Day," and "A Student Has A Disk Stuck, There Is A Monthly Report To Do That Is A Week Late, A Angry User Has Email Problems, And The Server Is Down, And You're Hungover. What Do You Do First?" I crapped on for a while, then from nowhere the word Prioritize came out of my mouth. (They made notes.)

We discussed TCP/IP and I mentioned 10baseT and Thin Ethernet (they made notes) I also mentioned about how you should keep the users informed if there is going to be a delay to fixing their problem. (They made notes.)

Sarah asked what attected me to that job, and I told her that it was all the things I'd been doing in all my other jobs, all rolled up into one position (they made notes) and that it was in Dubbo, which made it exceptionally appealing (they made notes) since I'd been in Sydney and hated it (they nodded) and I was amazed how narrow the horizons of Sydney people are because when I said I came from the West people thought I meant Penrith.* (They laughed)

After 40 minutes (and more notes) they thanked me. "You'll know by Friday."

And that was it.

I'll know Friday.

*A Sydney joke. Penrith is one of the western suburbs about 40km from the coast.

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