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Ten Things

Ten things I've done I don't think any of my friends have done.

1. Raised an echidna from baby to release.
2. Stood for 2 hours with my left leg wrapped to the knee in a bag because there was a 6 foot long diamond python up my pants.
3. Stood under the stars in a place so dark, Venus cast a shadow.
4. Held a bat that weighed less than 1 gram
5. Imped a Wedge-tailed Eagle
6. Mined for black opals in Lightning Ridge
7. Stood on the flight deck of HMAS Melbourne
8. Touched a Zero that bombed Pearl Harbor
9. Helped the zoo vets dart an angry wallaby, before breakfast
10. Appeared in News Of The Weird and a Hombrewer's Journal AND a Norwegian newspaper, all because of something I did.

Supplementary: 11. Peewees.

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