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Li'l Angels

It is becoming difficult to study here. It happens when I drink too much coffee and start seeing "caffeine cats;" those shadows that move in your extreme peripheral vision and vanish when you look at them. My reading of "Advanced Windows Administration" was being constantly interupted by the cats flashing by the window. I ignored them.

One became persistant and stayed. Then it tapped on the glass. I couldn't ignore that. It was a peewee which immediately called for food. In seconds I had a windowsill of peewees, all begging and calling. They're upset that I've put them on morning and afternoon feeds to force them to hunt for themselves. They think they should be fed whenever they demand it, and they demand it every time they see me.

My studies go "On IA32 systems, the SKAAARK! SKWAARK! Windows server 2003 bootstrap SKWAARK!SKWAARK!SKWAARK! loader *flap flap flap* SKWAARK!SKWAARK! Ntldr, SKWAARK! can load NT4 SKWAARK! Windows 2000, XSKWAARK!P, and Windows *tap tap* SKWAARK! Server 2003 from any * choral choral choral*SKWAARK! drive or peeWEE! peeWEE! partion."

I have four squawking monsters patrolling the exterior of the house. They look in the windows as they walk past, and if they see me they immediately begin calling for food. If I feed them they'll stop, but it's time for them to learn how to Be Wild.

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