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Christmas is coming

I can tell.

Decorations are starting to go up on houses. My neighbour has turned his evapourative cooler into a now-covered chimney. Snow. It is 32C outside.

The bastard up the road what makes nasty plywood lawn ornaments has his sign out the front advertising the fact that he makes them. Expect to see plywood Santa in an FJ Holden ute, or swarms of plywood Elves with a single plywood Elvis in the midst.

Lights are going up everywhere. Ever seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? As bad as that, over an entire estate.

And nativity scenes. He was born IN A CAVE, you idiots. A one-room cave with upper and lower levels. Don't you watch the BBC?

And as usual the sum total on my decorations consist of a 40 watt bulb gaffer-taped to a fence post. It blinks. When I turn it on, it goes on. When I turn it off, it goes off. Photos to follow if I can be bothered.

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