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I haven't written about work lately. It's work, and I'm doing it. As mentioned earlier Dad's company got a bit order to send vehicle washes over to Iraq. Last week Kellogg Brown & Root sent their Camp Victory safety officer here to learn about the machines and how to assemble them. I haven't mentioned this before for security reasons. That sounds melodramatic but it's true. He flew in to Baghdad the day after the elections because the airport closed on election day, forcing Johnny to slum it in Dubai for 24 hours.

Johnny Self tells people that he comes from "Atlanta, Texas" but he actually lives about a mile from Lake Texarkana. He is, as I mentioned, the safety officer for Camp Victory. It sounds a little odd to have a "safety officer" in Iraq but you'd understand why if you saw his photos of what passes for Iraqi building equipment. (Guys, two 8 foot stacks of loose bricks and slate with a 4x2 accross the top is NOT bricklaying scaffolding). He never has to leave the base so is reletively safe over there, for Middle East values of "safe." While he was here the KBR dining area was hit by an RPG but it was empty at the time and no one was hurt.

His trip here was so that we didn't have to go there. And as a bonus, it looks like we got us some Texans hooked on TimTams and Australia.

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