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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Firefox weirdness
Firefox is being weird. On some sites it won't display images that IE will. Like, frinstance, humbugs.jpg

I haven't changed anything.

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...which is really odd, because I viewed humbugs via the link you posted, using Firefox.

I viewed fine until yesterday, then I couldn't. Same story for other sites the image is on. weird.

Please don't - we love you just the way you are - humbugs and all.;)

It's not Firefox. I use it.

Maybe you're having a problem similar to the DNS denial I had.

Have the best


That might be the problem, except I can view the images using IE.

The actual problem is, the file name is http://www.hirezfox.com/batty/fanart/humbugs.jpg

when I c&p it into the address bar I get an error that says

"The file /batty/fanart/humbugs.jpg cannot be found."

If I C&P it into IE I can view the picture. And it is only with this image Firefox has problems with. Weird.

Quite. No problems with Mozzy 1.7.4, either.

Maybe you have a bug of a different sort... :(

Have the best


I ftp's the hirezfox site, played with the permissions and it worked!

Yaaaay! 'n stuff. :)

Have the best


Sounds like IE using the cached copy to me.

Obviously, you weren't asking permission POLITELY enough---!


A kind word and some hacking got me further than just a kind word.

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