Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Surfeit Of Cockatoos

That sounds like a collective noun, but it describes my current situation. For some reason we've had a run of cocky rescues and everyone who can care for the birds has several. I've taken up the overflow, and have three. One is an aviary escapee who can talk, which is why the wild birds beat the crap out of him.

The other two are very young. They're fully feathered but they aren't old enough to fly or eat seed. So guess who is mum? That's right, it's a dessert spoon. The young ones don't care which human has the spoon as long as the spoon has parrot porridge dripping from the end. They squawk and fight and guzzle, the porridge mostly goes down hungry beaks and often ends up on me.

The youngest of the pair is constantly begging for food from the older one, but she ignores him. She's busy cracking her own seeds. I hope she teaches him to do the same. Raising them together is far far better than raining them on their own. They'll grow up thinking they're sulfur-crested cockatoos instead of humans.

Which is how it should be.


Last day of work today. I'm sort-of unemployed apart from the odd bit of casual work I can get off Dad's company. Next week I netwrok the office and install a WAP for the laptop. I've registered for Social Security, but I probably won't need to collect anything until after christmas.

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