Den (dewhitton) wrote,

My death's-head is paested on yay!

I have just picked up from two different houses two galahs who, between them, have:

-have 3 broken wings
-2 broken legs
-at least 1 punctured lung and coughing up blood

One of the birds reeked of decay. I lifted the wing and could see things moving in the wound. The little girl looked at me and asked "What will you do to the bird?" Her mum gave me a haunted look and silently mouthed the word 'Vet.'

"I'll take it to the vet tomorrow," I lied.

So now I have 2 galahs quietly expiring on my back patio.

The other people asked me about who to call about a dog they found in the park. It had been killed, burned and buried, hopefully in that order. I told them to call the RSPCA. I hope they find the owner. I really hope they do.

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