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Writing on the wall

This was written on one of the remaining walls of the Sari Club, in Bali

Spirit Of Oz

You hurt us bombing Bali, but we can take the pain
But if you think you'll beat us you can think a-bloody-gain
We battled at Gallipoli and we fought the bloody hun
Of all the arseholes we've had to face, you're just another one
You won't get your hands dirty, you won't fire a gun
Whenever danger threatens you just pack your gear and run
You brainwash innocent children to do your evil deeds
Careful not to let them know just where it really leads
You get them to believe all your bigotry and lying
Until they cannot see that there's no glory in their dying
Where does your holy book tell you to kill your fellow man?
Now listen hard and listen well, we're giving you the word
You're never going to beat us you spineless bloody turd
You'd never face us personally, you haven't got the guts
Youknow that if you ever did we'd have your bloody nuts
Our spirit is unbroken and our heads are still unbowed
We sure as hell aren't scared of you and your gutless crowd
So get your act together--you'll never win because
What you're really up against is the Spirit that is Oz.

Author unknown.

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