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Global Vote

Dear global voter,

You asked to receive the results of the global 2004 presidential election. Your vote was one of 113,552 votes from 191 countries (confirmed votes from countries other than the US only). The winner is John Kerry (Democrat) with 77.1% of votes.

The votes are as follows:

Candidate Votes Percentage
Bush 10221 9.0 %
Kerry 87446 77.1 %
Cobb 4347 3.8 %
Nader 7622 6.7 %
Brown 2292 2.0 %
Peroutka 345 0.3 %
Badnarik 1279 1.1 %

The results have now been released to the media. Thank you for supporting our project, and may whichever candidate you voted for win on Tuesday!

For a more detailed technical breakdown of figures, click here

"Do you really think Americans care what you linguini-spined Europeans think about our election?" For encouraging feedback from US citizens, click here

Benrik Limited & Poke London

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