Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Pee wee

I have in care my first peewee of the season.He's not your average fallen chick who needs help. This fellow is an independent, nearly fully grown sub-adult. At first I thought his wing was broken because he was dangling it, but I couldn't feel any broken bones pr dislocations. I put him in the cage and observed. After much struggling he managed to get his wing folded back to where it should be,but any movement leaves him panting in pain and drooping. I think he has a torn or bruised muscle. Feeding will be difficult bacause I have to catch for force-feeding since he's not taking feed mix without help, although he scarfs down the live meal worms.

I've worked out what's happening. He's from the Peewee mafia, sent to check out the accommodation. He's been given a non-lethal injury so that he has to go into care for a while, then he'll report to the Bosses.

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